All the answers to your questions to create your custom labels

We answer your questions

  1. Is the label paper self-adhesive?

    Yes, all the papers for our labels are self-adhesive and perfectly adapted for glass and plastic bottles. But our labels can also be applied on any medium: metal, cardboard or paper.

  2. I can not insert my photo or my picture does not appear on the label, how to do?

    To insert your photos correctly, please check the following points regarding its format:

    • The extension of your photo must be .jpg or .jpeg
    • The name of your photo must not contain any special characters (no accents, no acronyms, no quotes, etc ...) or space and it must be entirely in lower case.
    • The weight of your photo should not exceed 20MB
    • The dimensions of your photo should not exceed 5000 pixels by 5000 pixels

    However, if you still can not insert your photo, you can send it to us by email, our graphic designer will integrate it for you free of charge within 2 hours maximum.

  3. When I validate the customization of the label, different characters, texts or images do not appear on the final preview, how-to?

    This problem occurs if you have multiple items that have the same position. All elements (text, photos and frames) have a position order on your label, in order to define the behavior of the elements relative to each other. To adjust the order of the items you can simply move the items in the toolbar list (on the left).
    The item at the top of the list will appear in front of the following ones.

  4. Can I put my bottles in my refrigerator?

    We print in inkjet on waterproof paper, this technology prevents 'dripping' of colors. Your custom labels are therefore very resistant to moisture and can be put in refrigerators.

  5. How should I stick my custom label?

    First, peel off the existing label: to do this, immerse the bottle in a bucket of cold water for 1 or 2 hours, the label should be removed easily or use the back of a knife to remove all residues. Clean the bottle with a cleaning product and a soft cloth.
    Then place the label about 1 cm from the bottom of the bottle and glue it from the center to the outside, removing any bubbles. We advise you to put the bottle at room temperature to avoid air bubbles.

  6. I already have a file with my own creation, can you print it? How to do ?

    Yes it is possible: choose the format of label which suits you (adapted to the size of your document) then click on the button 'Add an image' then 'Download from your computer'. Then select your file, which must be in PNG or JPG format. Finally, you just have to fit it to the total surface of the label.

  7. How to pay for my order?

    You can pay your order in 4 ways:

    • by credit card via the secure service Stripe,
    • by Paypal account, secure service,
    • by cheque,
    • by wire transfer
  8. How are deliveries made?

    We work with the Post Office, Colissimo and Chronopost. Depending on the urgency you can choose the priority mode, your personalized labels will then be printed in 24 hours instead of 72 hours.
    For more information about our shipping times, check out our deliveries page.

  9. I can not create my label or I can not do what I want, can I help?

    Yes, our team is at your disposal for any particular creation. To do this send us an email or use the contact form indicating the information of the label you want. Do not forget to send us any photos.

  10. I would just get my label by email in high definition, is it possible?

    Yes, you just need to select before the payment box 'Send by email, without printing' in the list of carriers. We will send you by email your label in PDF format that you can print at home.