Your custom labels in just 3 steps

The website allows you to create your own personalized labels online. The entire creation process is done online, no installation, no special skills are required.

Create your label online

The customization of labels is very simple, fast and done in 3 steps. You can either start from scratch by clicking on the link below, or starting from a custom label template available on our site.


  1. First step: choosing the format of the label

    Choose the format of the label you want to customize by clicking on the 'Upload Document' button. We offer different dimensions adapted to any type of support.

  2. Second step: choosing a background

    Once the label format is chosen, you can choose a label background color. A color palette is offered by clicking on the 'Background color' selector. We advise you to use pastel colors as clear as possible, because the dark colors will not make your texts stand out.

  3. Third step: customizing the label

    Once the format and background color have been chosen, you can start the customization. The labels consist of 3 elements:

    1. Text : 'Add text' button
    2. Photo, image or your own composition: 'Add image' button
    3. Border: 'Add border' button

    You can multiply each element several times to make original labels. (Note: the more elements that will make up your label, the longer the loading time will be).
    To register the labels it is necessary to create a private account on our site, this operation is free and without commitments.


Apply your label on your bottles

It's easy to stick our labels on your bottles because they are all self-adhesive. You have 2 possiblity to apply them:

  1. Paste your new labels to cover the old label

    This technique is the simplest and fastest but you have to ensure that your new labels are at least the same size as the old ones to perfectly cover them. Also, depending on the colors, your labels can be seen by transparency.

  2. Remove the old ones and paste the news

    Longest to implement but by far the most efficient and the most professional! Here's how to proceed:

Dip your bottles in ice-cold water

1. Dip your bottles

Immerse your bottles in ice-cold water for about 30 minutes.

Peel off the labels with a plastic card

2. Peel off the labels

Use a plastic card to peel off the label. You can use the non-sharp side of a knife to remove the last residue.

Bottle with a new label

3. Dry and paste

Dry your bottle with a soft cloth and once at room temperature, stick your new label.


In any case, before applying your labels, make sure the bottle is at room temperature. Because if your bottle is cold (out of the fridge) the temperature difference with the glue will create bubbles under the label.

See also our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us for more information on custom labels creation.