Personalized birthday labels: the detail that will make your party unique!

Personalized birthday labels: the detail that will make your party unique!

Personalized birthday labels, new sticker model

Organizing a birthday party is often a stressful task, between finding the perfect venue, preparing the menu and getting invitations to attend. But often, we forget a key element to make the party memorable: personalized labels for bottles of wine or champagne. On, we offer you a new label model specially designed for birthdays, which will bring a touch of elegance and personalization to your bottles.

Custom label template with photo
Custom label template on bottle with photo

With our new personalized birthday label, you will surprise your guests and add a touch of originality to your birthday party. In addition, this label is fully customizable, you can choose the colors, texts and even add a photo for a truly unique result.

But why opt for personalized labels for your birthday? First of all, it adds a touch of elegance and refinement to your bottles of wine or champagne. It's also a way to make your party even more unique and stand out from other birthdays. Finally, it is a souvenir that will last long after the party, that your guests can keep as a souvenir of this special day.

Easily personalize your label

With our online creation tool, you can completely personalize your birthday label. No need for design skills, everything is done so that you can create a personalized label in just a few clicks. You can change the colors, texts, font and even add a photo. Thanks to this tool, you can give free rein to your creativity and design a label to suit your image.

As for the dimensions of this birthday label model, they are 7.62mm by 10.16mm, perfect to adapt to; most bottles of wine or champagne. For printing, we offer different types of paper to meet your needs. your needs and preferences:

  • Matte black tinted in the mass: a quality paper; superior with a soft touch and elegant appearance.
  • Eco responsible and organic degradable: an environmentally friendly paper with a matte finish and good color fastness.
  • Textured upper and thick: a textured paper; and thick for a high-end label.
  • Money brushed : an elegant paper with a brushed effect. for an original rendering.
  • Brushed gold : a luxurious paper with a brushed effect; for a chic label.
  • Eco plant: paper made from recycled plant fibers, perfect for an eco-responsible approach.
  • Matte: a matte paper with a soft touch, ideal for a sober and elegant finish.
  • Gloss: a glossy paper with a bright and attractive finish.

With this wide range of papers, you are sure to find the one that will best suit your personalized birthday label.

Choose originality for your birthday party!

Whether it's for your birthday or to give as a gift, our bespoke label will add a personal touch to each bottle. It's also a way to mark a special birthday. You can even order several for the different ages you celebrate, or for birthdays in advance for years to come, and thus add a little touch of originality to your future celebrations.

With its tones of beige, white and black, our birthday label model will bring a touch of elegance and sobriety on your bottles. But of course, you can completely customize the colors to perfectly match your party theme. You can also add graphic elements and change the font to create a unique and truly personal label.

So look no further, is the ideal site to create and print your personalized labels for every occasion. Don't forget to share your creations on social media with the hashtag #youretiquette!

Customize this template

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