New personalized label model for Wedding!

New personalized label model for Wedding!

Wedding, a unique and precious moment in a life

To make it even more special, why not add a personal touch with personalized wedding tags? We have launched a new personalized label template in the 'Wedding' category, which is sure to please!

This original design features an elegant cutout at the top and bottom, featuring a large photo of the bride and groom in the background. The first names are nicely displayed at the top, followed by the wedding date below. This combination of design and personalization makes it the perfect label for the big day or as a gift after the event. And thanks to our online editor, you can fully personalize all the elements of this label to create a unique piece.

The dimensions of this model are 7.80mm by 13.00mm, making it an ideal size to fit all types of bottles. In addition, we offer a varied choice of supports for printing:

  • mass-dyed matte black paper,
  • eco-responsible and organic degradable paper,
  • textured and thick top paper,
  • brushed silver paper,
  • brushed gold paper,
  • eco-vegetable paper,
  • matte paper,
  • glossy paper,
  • transparent and white polypropylene

Would you like to try our new personalized wedding label? Visit our online editor and let your creativity run wild! Don't hesitate to use available elements such as color, font or shapes to bring your label to life.

Why choose our personalized wedding labels? First, for the technical aspect: we use cutting-edge printing technologies which guarantee vibrant colors and exceptional rendering quality. Then, for economic benefit: our site allows you to create and order your labels directly online, without having to go through costly manual steps. And finally, for the quality of our materials: our labels are printed on high-end papers and are fully customizable, thus offering you a unique and high-quality product.

So don't hesitate any longer and trust to personalize your wedding labels! With our new model, you are sure to make an impression and make this day even more special. Order them now and amaze your loved ones with a personal and elegant touch!

Custom label for wedding
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